LF Stinger action skill start

mostly play siren
i have couple decent coms, some monarch, some lightshow, reflux
consecutive hits flipper ,200% splash kybs worth and 300/90 110x2 ion cannon
also feel free to ask what u need i might have it.

I’ve got ASS stingers in radiation, shock, and incendiary. Have you got a phasezerker with 2 or preferably 3 of weapon damage/splash damage/melee damage/smg damage/weapon fire rate?

PSN is lukman4068

I found a 65 zerker today with 32weapon dmg 40smg damage and 13cov weapon dmg
You still wanna trade ? i dont care if stinger is not 65

Sure, drop a friend request with stingers in the message and I’ll get a set over to you when I’m back from work

Mailed them over