LF Stinger Shield w/ Action Skill break all elements

ALL HAS TO BE LEVEL 60 M10 (Besides class mod and artifact)

Also looking for an Elementalist w/ splash damage and high melee damage at least above 50%

As well as a Unleash The Dragon artifact Incendiary damage and melee damage at least above 30%

I have lots to trade for so plz offer. This will help a lot

Got spiritual drivers or red fang classmod? I can give you stingers

I believe I have Spiritual driver on Moze. Ill see they just may be 57 instead of 60. I’m not sure

If the rolls are good i’ll take it. If not, nevermind.

Psn: paco97214

What are you looking for on the passives?

Splash damage, shotgun damage, action skill cooldown/damage, hyperion damage. A combination of those

Okay. Ill see when I’m home. I will be home in about an hour or so

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