LF Stinger shield with ice element

As the title mentions with ASS shield break. Have a lot of gear just let me know what you need I might have it.

Have one but lv 60.

Ah I am looking for lvl 65 I have standard one no element that is 65 just want the ice one for a kinda melee Amara build.

I have that, I’ll send it to you whenever I get home. Which will be in an hour or two.

Also also, are you still looking for those two items from before? Facepuncher and Victory Rush? I still have no luck on those sadly. Still searching on my end unless you have them. What was your psn again?

I found most of it other then a x14 fp with sntl cryo 100. And not overly concerned with that item as it’s the least important on my list.

I see I see. Still will send one if found. What was your psn again, so I could send the shield when I get home.


Nift, will send soon tm.

And sent. Enjoy