LF: STNL cryo gear!

These are on the top of my wish list:

Plaguebearer (any element except shock) with STNL cryo
Backburner (any element STNL cryo
Monarch (Radiation) STNL cryo
Recursion (any elements) STNL cryo
Reflux (x7 or 14) STNL cryo
ION canon (fire or corrosive) 300/90

Anything else with STNL cryo would be good too providing I don’t already have it.

Here is what I have to offer:


  • Shrinking Gratifying Craps (cryo)
  • Dueling Wagon Wheel
  • Auditing Oldridion (cryo)
  • Adapting Ripper
  • Hawt Broosin NoPewPew (fire)
  • Shocking Vigilant Good Juju
  • Unlimited Anarchy (Kinetic) X18
  • Double Penetrating Shredded Tiggs Boom (cryo)
  • Melty Dayumned Yellowcake x1
  • Ruby’s Wrath
  • Shredde Scourge
  • Executive Tankkmans Shield
  • High Capacity Deft Malak’s Bane (fire)


  • Hawt Broosin NoPewPew (fire)
  • Tamed Star Helix
  • Itchy Shredded Tiggs Boom (rad)

ASE 100

  • Shrinking Potent Moonfire (cryo)
  • The Flood
  • Binary Mocking Cutsman (fire)

Other gear which may be considered desirable:

  • Dastardly Maggie (consec hits)
  • Iron willed Clairvoyance (ASA 200)
  • Proficient Projectile Recursion (consec hits, fire and cryo)
  • ION Cannon 96000x2 (ASE 100, kinetic)
  • Stop Gap ASS
  • Old gods
  • Many fish slaps
  • Hex’s
  • Lots of hunter seekers


  • Cutpurse Deathless/launchpad/rocket boots/victory rush/
  • Elemental projector victory rush
  • Ice Breaker victory rush
  • Last Stand otto idol
  • Snowdrift deathless
  • Snowdrift otto idol
  • Snowdrift victory rush

Sorry, not really much to offer I know. Have a TON of STNL cryo stuff i’m willing to trade though so just ask!

Thank you in advance

PSN - JuniorSenior95


will give you sntl cryo plaguebearer rad and X14 reflux for 50/150 fire craps and olridion

That would be great! PSN - JuniorSenior95 (though i’m pretty sure I have you already)

Sent, cheers. If you get more 50/150 let me know I got tons of sntl cryo, thanks again.

Thank you :slight_smile: will be farming all night so will be sure to keep you posted

Cool thanks.

Hi , I have a reflux x7 sntnl100 to trade,
for those cutpurse launchpad and icebreaker victoryrush, do you have 40 aoe, 50 mag size or movement speed anoint?

if interested pls add me
PSN GB_8893

I’m pretty sure I can completely equip you with sntl stuff except the recursion :sweat_smile:

would like to know more details about
  • Snowdrift victory rush
    Elementalprojector victory rush
    Cutpurse launchpad
    Do you have
    corrosive old God ase some element ?
    Recurring hex ogt 25?
    Mistosis Hunter seeker?
    Tiggs boom x18?
    ion cannon looks interesting, so far :smile:

Hi, just been given the reflux unfortunately


Snowdrift VR (50 mag, 40 aoe, 17 reload)
EPVR (29 weapon acc, 36 shield recharge, 40 aoe)
Cutpurse LP (20 movement, 43 ffyl speed)

No corrosive old god unfortunately, got a regular hex cryo with 25 :sweat_smile:
Only cloning hunter seekers and Tiggs boom is x13.

Hope this helps!

Send me the elemental projector and the ion cannon and what do you need?

Sure, will send in about an hour. A STNL cryo rad monarch and a cryo STNL cryo backburner would be cool!

Ok cool
And dont send to kenet this time :grin:rad monarch is x4 sure you want that? Also got a x8 shock version

I’m sure I won’t :joy: Yeah i’m cool with x4, burns through ammo bad enough as it is! Just logging on now

Alright sent everything

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Same here, thank you!

I need badass deathless artifacts.

Okay, I have a cutpurse deathless (25 action cooldown, 34 shock dam, 17 reload)

Snowdrift deathless (20 shock dam, 2719 health, 8xp)

I have a corrosive/cryo recursion 100% SNTNL.
Trade for your cutpurse launchpad ?

Ahhh I already have one in cryo/corrosive! If you have any decent plaguebearers or backburners I will happily trade