LF STNL Cryo guns

LF STNL Cryo Redistributor (49mag) / Rowans or Lucians Call / Shock or Corr. Cutsman

Fairly new to game, have farmed Maliwan/Borman 1000 times for SNTL cryo guns above. RNJesus hates me. I give up.

I have a few SNTL Cryo and gamma/phase guns I’ve been hoarding. Not sure what’s considered good rolls for other classes as I’m new to the game so I bank whatever looks good. If anyone has suggestions on that I’ll make a trade list.

What guns with sntnl do you have?

All these are SNTL cryo. Except equipped weapons. Most are 53.

Can you please take a photo of each one of the lvl 53 guns?

Trade your sawbar, dazzle, the butcher and unforgiven for:

Deal. I’ll be home in a couple hours.

Send me an friend request. Psn: EV1LSHAD0WS

I went to bed now, will send the guns to you when i’m home from work tomorrow if thats ok with you?

Really appreciate it. Got a couple duplicates of the unforgiven SNTL if you need them. Or anything else from those I listed. Just let me know.

Hey there ^^

Your Adapting Sleeping Giant could be great for my Zane ^^

What could I trade for it ?
I have :
Rad Rowans Call ASE 50% Fire dmg
Iron Willed Lucky7 ASE 50% Cryo dmg
Iron Willed Lucky7 ASE 15% Lifesteal
Shock Redistributor Siren ASE 75% Rad dmg (quest reward)
Corro Bitch ASE 100% dmg
Polyamorous ASE 50% Corro dmg
Vicious Ogre ASE 50% Shock dmg
Cash Infused Brainstormer 1% dmg stackable on successives hits
and a few ClassMod53 I could check ^^