LF STNL Movement Speed Shields

Have lots to trade, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll check if I have it

I have a band sitorak and a recharger with that anoiment on it.

Do you have any stop gap shields with annoitment

I do not sadly. If I find one I can let you know


What do you want for them?

Those sheilds honestly only looking for a couple of things kybs worth x2 or x3 with after exiting iron bear splash damage or a snowdrift deathless with mag size splash damage and area of effect if you don’t have those I can mail them to you tomorrow. Psn: FallenDark200

I have a lot shields with this annoitment black hole Sitorak recharger frozen heart the new purple ones from the dlc

What are you looking to get for them?

I have a Rough Rider with STNL 15% movemet speed.

My PSN is NeveR_x_EndeR

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Looking for Zane annoitment gear I don’t have

That’s pretty vague haha

Just sent the Rough Rider…have fun


you have moonfire with SNTNL or barrier

Unfortunately no

What are you looking to get for it?

You have the rough rider