LF STNL Queen/Kings Call & Cutsman. Possible trades in description

This isnt all of just just some highlights that people have wanted in the past.

100% STNL Cryo guns:
Rad Redistributor
Corrosive Redistributor
14x Brainstormer
Wedding Invitation
Fire Linoge
Lucky 7

100% ASE guns:
2x Fire Ion Cannon
X21 Stagecoach
Corrosive Linoge
14x Brainstormer
Night Hawkin

Gamma Burst:
Cryo Queen’s Call
Shock&Corrosive Cutsman
Rad Dictator
Rad Rowan’s
7x Brainstormer

Send friend request on psn to Mok-Gorah with a message about what you want in return.

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Do you have a lucian’s call or rowan’s call fire gamma burst anointed?

I only managed to snag a radiation Rowans with Gamma Burst at the moment. Sorry dude.

What anointments are you looking for on the cutsman? A fire with 100% sntl cryo just dropped for me

STNL cryo is what I’m looking for. I updated the gun list. Forgot about some stuff in my bank.

I have the cutsmans and lots of other sweet sntnl, barrier or swap gear and gear for every character. I’ve sent a friend request. Accept and I’ll send you the cutsmans and some other sntnl gear not listed above.

Did you get the cutsman from the dude above, or are you still looking. I still have the fire one if you need it