LF Stone + EP Static Charge

Looking for stone static charge with decent passives: melee, aoe, mag size, corresponding elemental damege etc.

Would love a radiation one if poss.

Also looking for an Elemental Projector Static charge with good passives for a melee driver build: melee, as cooldown, mag size, movement speed, etc.

I think i can help you mate. Will look for it tonight

My bad, got ice breaker static and every stone but White elephant :expressionless:

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Yeah, I have all the stone white elephants. Moving on to the static charge after the w/e nerf.

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what are the passives on that ice breaker static charge?

I’m at work now so i can’t tell you precisely. Pretty sure melee, ice damage and ice efficiency. Will send when i back home.

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Thanks for the IBSC, it’s a corker!

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