LF Stop gap Level one with ammo regen [H] Pics and God Rolls R4kk P4cks, Siren Drivers, Antifreezes and list

I need this shield with exact anointed i have all those for trade:

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15% chance to absorb bullets as ammo or are you talking about the terrified annointment buddy?

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Level 1? yes i mean the anointment Terrified, while terrified gain ammo regen

Gotta ask a friend of mine for the terror one, I usually don’t ■■■■ with those builds. But I can‘t promise anything. I’ll hit ya up as soon as I get an answer

ok man tell me if you can get that shield i need that for my build inmortal and shoot infinity for moze

Seems like my friend doesn‘t have it either, I‘m sorry for letting ya down.
I wonder if someone even has this, since the Moze stop gap lvl1 build became popular when the event was nearly gone :confused: Wish ya all luck buddy

Ps: If there is something else you need ( not terrified, except for a fire Lucians call +extra projectile ) feel free to hit me up, cause that Moze Mod is smiling at me like mad :^)

I want to downgrade a lvl 50 shield with an specific anointed I already have to lvl 1 how could I do that? it is possible?

I know a method that could Possibly work, I’ll try it out. Depends On how the game is programmed

Lol nice do you need the stop gap level 50 with ammo regen? i can give you if you don’t have that, my PSN: Aizcream

hello, i’m very interested by your shock rowan 100% dmg ase ; your stormfront 50% shock ase ; and your shock mirv-tacular 50% shock ase

unfortunately i don’t have anything you wrote except for the rakk pak, but i could give you anointed weapons (i have some 100%/125%/50% ase), anointed shields (transformer, stop-gap, re-router, back-ham, re-charger…), anointed grenade mods (others reccuring/mirv tacular/cloning hex, stormfront) and class mod or artifacts (i have some otto idol, elem projector, white eleph, ice breaker, loaded dice, last stand… just need to check)

thanks :wink:

list gets bigger and bigger :+1::+1:

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I‘m sorry buddy it didn’t work out the way I thought it would be :\