LF Stop Gap Lvl 1 & Maggie +125 to Badass

Just let me know in the comments what you need. You probably won‘t regret it.

I have the maggie your looking for do you have the rakk hit maggie

I have a lvl1 stop gap. I really need a spoiling projectile recursion shock and corrosive with 100% damage ASE or a cutpurse loaded dice with health regen

I have the stop gap lvl 1, i need a scourge rocket laucher

@mik130482 @gimn.viviani

Got the rakk hit Maggie
Got a 125 to badass scourge

but unfortunately already got the 125 Maggie and the stop gap myself.

Do you own a Redline or a triple bangsticl with a good annointment?

Greetz K.

I dont mate I really need that maggie would you trade it for a gamma burst maggie a red suit with action cool down on ase and a maggie with bonus radiation on ase

I have a lvl 1 stop gap

Buddy do you own a Transformer with bonus corrosive/cryo damage annointment or a decent new flak class mod?

I‘m sure we will find a proper solution.

I dont mate shields are where I struggle

What’s with a good elemental projector? Maybe you had more luck than me with artifacts

Yeah I know annointed shields are rare AF

i have an anointed transformer but not with bonus damage ase
i have some elemntal projector though

i have some otto idol if you want

I have a lvl 1 stop gap. Lookinh for bloodletter with no points in thin red line

I have one of those but thanks though.