LF Stop Gap or Snowshoe with on action skill start annoint

Trying to make Flak build and cant get them to drop

PSN - vacumbreon89

I’ve got a lvl60, mayhem 10 stop gap with AS Start, activate effects that trigger on shield break/fill! What do you have t trade? I’m looking for monarchs, old god shields, frozen snowshoe with AS start break/fill anoints etc

I have a frozen snowshoe action skill start activate shield break or fill

I’m interest for it. What you looking for in exchange ?

Looking for a beacon that’s primary shock 2x damage and low mag size. Also any good victory rushes with good rolls or a seeing dead with action skill damage increase… I’ll send the snowshoe anyways

don’t suppose you still have the snowshoe do you?

I got one. Do you have any action skill damage seeing dead’s?

Still interested? In my stop gap?

No sorry, I don’t. I’ll add you as a friend anyway just in case there’s anything else I can send you. I have a good selection of the new dlc shotgun : the Dakota. Different ASE anoints. It’s a purple but very good! Also have a reasonable selection of lvl 60 gear including dlc3👍

Friend request sent