LF Stop Gap with ASE regen 5% health

Looking for a Stop Gap with ASE regenerate 5% max health per second for a short time. Preferably one with the stats capacity/turtle/brimming/delay

Have lots to trade let me know what you need.

PSN: Mattgamer87

I have a zen stop gap with that anoint on it do you have any 100% lucians call’s in cryo or shock

I have a ase 100% lucians call in fire, corrosive, and cryo. What abilities r on that zen stop gap. Regardless add me and we can trade

PSN: Mattgamer87

12611 cap / 4.2 recharge delay / 1056 recharge rate and -25% delay 8% heath and 17% resistance to last damage type received for 3 seconds

Yup that one sounds good

I just sent it the cryo lucian please when your back online