Lf stopgap and otto idol

Hey there an Ice breaker Otto IDOL(+area damage and CD reduction prefferably) Non Icebreaker could work too.

I have some legendary to trade

Cutsman fire and shock
Fire anexed lyuda and non fire
Spdloading hellwalker
Stop gap anointed zane

I have more.


What’s your gamertag? I have both a Supercell Stop-Gap and an Icebreaker Otto. Mine is Mournblood. I should be on most of the day. You’ll need to get into party chat with me so that we can communicate easier.

Ill be on tonight around 8pm east. Are you looking for aomething specific?

I am, and made a separate post about it here, but I doubt you have it. Regardless, you don’t need to trade anything in return. We’ll talk tonight.

Alright i will add you tonight and i have an executor but not like you are looking forimage

You wouldn’t happen to have another ice breaker Otto idol would you? I have a decent executor, but not the stats you specifically want.

Yeah, I have one too, but what I’m looking for needs to have weapon damage and/or mag size. :slight_smile:

Ill keep an eye out

Just added and messaged ya