LF stopgaps,and various weps

I’m looking for bullet buffet stopgaps with all ase anoints(fire is a big one)

Furthermore Im looking for a cryo rexurring hex with OGT annoint

-critical thug x2 with ase splash
-recursion x2 with next 2 mags or ase Idc about elements
-skullmasher with 100 ase or next 2 mags
-skullmasher CH
-plasma coil sntl
-300v90 nukem

I’ve got every single dlc wep with various annointments.

Also have plenty of mods, relics and weps

I do have that recurring hex. Have any of the artifacts im looking for?

I believe I do might not be 65 I’ll let you know later

Add me on PSN Sigred_Caewyn

Alright I added you