LF Storm Front and Transformer both with 50% shock (or Cryo) on ASE

Title says it all, I’ve got lots of stuff available for trade just let me know what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can make a deal!

GT: Tolands Revenge

I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed 100% but from what I’ve been reading / watching you cannot double the bonuses from shield & grenade if they have the same element.

well this is enlightening and disappointing… let me update post from AND logic to OR logic… actually, I would still like both, just wouldn’t use them together, maybe stack the transformer with a rad or cryo nade

I have a cryo stormfront nade.

You have a trade list?

@BSGTalic I haven’t really had the time to put one together unfortunately, what would you be interested in?

Really wanting a Flesh Melter Victory Rush/Deathless, Gamma Burst Rad Flakker, or a Red Fang with shotgun damage and cooldown reduction.

I know, rather specific!

Damn no luck on any of those, hope you find them!