LF: Stuff for FL4K

  • Man Eater Bounty Hunter w/ Good Rolls
  • Pronghorn DE4DEYE w/ Good Rolls
  • Anointed Stop Gap Shield ( Preferably Health )

Lots to trade, let me know what ya need!!

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I might have some good ones. I’ll check after work and get back to you. I need a Rakk Pak, but dreading farming the Trial of Cunning on Mayhem 4. Could also use a good anointed Lyuda if you have one.

Sounds good! I have 4 Different Rakk Paks Ill list there stats. I have around 8 Lyudas to pick from as well

This is definitely the best one I have:

Vulpine Tallying R4kk P4k

  • 25% Weapon Damage
  • 45% Jakobs Weapon Crit DMG
  • 10% Jakobs Weapon DMG

Hey man,

I knew I had the Man-Eater Bounty Hunter, but couldn’t remember the rolls. They are:

+25% weapon damage
+149 Health Regen
+31% Action Skill Cooldown Rate

I don’t have that exact version of Deadeye. Two of them have decent rolls, but not spectacular.

I only have 3 anointed Stop-gap shields, and the only bonus that comes close to what you’re looking for is 13% damage reduction on action skill end. The others are movement speed and Nova

Ill take the Bounty Hunter off ya if you want the Rakk Pak


I have a stop gap. Not the health one

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What stats does it have?