Lf: Stuff Have: Stuff

I’m looking for: Any meta gun with Terror Cryo, purple jacobs shotgun with 21/25 pellets, It’s piss with OGT 25%, Psycho stabber w/ melee ASE, good cosmic stalker, good stinger, good version om, and good frozen hearts/snoeshoes w/ terror anoints, One-Shotter shield, whispering ice with ASE apply terror, Terror cryo Unforgiven or URAD unforgiven (preferably the former)

Also looking for ASE N2M, terror cryo, consec hits, or ASA 200% monarchs/flippers/unkempt harolds.

I have an absolute ton of weapons, shields, grenades and more, so just ask what you’re looking for. Also, I’m opposed to duping, so please give me duped stuff (though a this point I’ll accept a Terror cry hellwalker, Terror cryo Unforgiven, or whispering ice with ASE apply terror duped). Thank you!