LF: Tediore Elements

I need:

Tediore Pistol - Homing - MIRV (prefer fire element)
Tediore Smg - Homing - MIRV (prefer shock element)
Tediore Shotgun - Homing - MIRV (prefer acid element)
Tediore Smg - Homing - MIRV (prefer radiation element)

I have many things including some cloning Hexes and one MIRV. You can ask and I can check if I have a gear you need. I hoard a lot so I cannot list everything

If you need hefty amount of cash in the Millions then feel free to ask too

I have the Teddy Shotgun you’re looking for. Do you have any Hexes (preferably Cloning or above) that has a 50% Shock damage ASE? Also looking for Stopgap/Rechargers/Transformers that have that same Anoint in a different element.

I have the following

Cloning Hex - Radiation - Annointed: AS Start regens 1 nade
Cloning Hex - Shock - Annointed Gunner: Iron Bear active, taking damage has 20% to spawn a nade
MIRV Hex - Ice

Calcified Re-Charger - Radi Resist - Annointed Gunner: Exiting Iron Bear increase Shields and Health for 25 seconds
Saboteur Re-Charger - Fire Resist - Annointed Operative: SNTNL active, movement speed increase by 15%

Flash Charge Stop-Gap - Ice Resist - Annointed Operative: SNTNL active, movement speed increase by 15%
Echidna Stop-Gap - Annointed Gunner: Exiting Iron Bear, kills increase cooldown by 30%
Transformer (standard with 40% to absorb bullets, 11659 cap, 4.8 delay, 1285 rate)

My mules:

Cloning Hex - Ice
^ - Shock
Metabolizing Stop-Gap - Fire Resist

Sorry about the delay in my reply, unfortunately I’m not looking for any of those. Would you happen to have any gammburst weapons for Fl4k? Maybe Brainstormer, Maggies?

I got none with that annointed sadly. I’m out of luck but that’s okay though. I’ll keep on farming as I can :slight_smile:

I have a corrosive ase 50% rad babymaker if you can’t get some of the others it’d be a good compromise to push the build toward till you get what you need.
I think it’s only lvl49 but I only use it for my Amara when brainstormer lags me out.

i have one or two weapons with gamma burst bonus
i check it and tell you which


so i have only one laser sploder fire with gamma burst bonus, if you want