LF: Tediore Homing Mirv Shottys


Looking to try out this Moze build. Was told to look into acquiring Tediore Homing Mirv shotduns.
Not sure what elemental is required.

I have ASE elemental damage transformers/grenades. Have a bunch of Spiritual drivers.

Look forward to response.

Im gonna mail you some I got. Idk if they are the ones that work best for that build. Hope it helps a little.

Hey Fabro…been taken care of. Thanks for everything !!

Oh really? Cool then. If you need anything, just let me know. Cheers


I notice the shock one someone sent me was not Mirv/Homing. Do you have one of those?

Looking for…

Something like that. Prefix can be different

I just have corrosive, rad and non elemental :confused:
And now that I look at them, the corrosive one is not homing, it bounces

Ok thanks for checking

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Got a shock one, but it’s only 10 pellets. Can send if you’re interested.

I’ll give it a try

PSN: buckshotzero Anything you are looking for?

Anything new at all? I’ve had awful luck - just the Tankman’s shield so far.

Not demanding by the way. I’ll send the shotgun either way.