LF Tediore MIRV shotgun or pistols Anointed

I am looking for tediore pistols or Shotgun MIRV with Homing

Anointed mostly with

cryo stnl Zane
Rakk attack Fl4k
Gamma burst Fl4k

I have a lot of stuff to trade tell me what you need!!

Thanks alot for the help! :slight_smile:

Nobody got those shottys?

I might have an some lying around, let me check tonight and if I do, I’ll send them your way. Just looking for any decent Moze gear you might have :slight_smile:

Might have one for Flak. Will check if it’s a mirv

Got a blue everblast ++ with rack attack and a purple everblast with no good anoit if you’d like

I have some purple with no anoint , just need good one for Zane cryo mostly or any good anointed one .

Greetings, I have:
Everblast XL (Corrosive, 4 MIRV, SNTNL 100% Cryo)
Everblast ++ (Radiation, 4 MIRV, Consecutive hits)

Any good Zane ASE anointed items for trading? (Redistributor, Fire or Shock Craps, Bekah)

Still looking , I need To finish my build . Thanks

Still looking for those homing MIRV guns

Still need Cryo Stnl and Rakk attack one if anyone can help me out! Thanks