LF Tediore MIRV shotguns ++

Looking for:
New Amara com
Tediore MIRV shotguns (preferably annointed with phaseslam 300%, all elements, preferably shock or fire)
Terror annointed The Transformer (after actions skill give terror)
It’s Piss grenade (with ammo Regen terror) or another good grenade with same annoint

I’ve got plenty of Amara stuff in the bank to trade so ask if you’re looking for something in particular.

Have you got the phasecast anointed frozen heart?

Sorry, no. :frowning:

Hi !
Are you specificaly looking for Tediore shotties ?
I got a BabyMaker ++ Shock (not sure it’s anointed though :-/ )

Also got 2 Polybius (Shock and Corro), gotta check if anointed too

Finally, got a Handsome Jackhammer (Hyperion SMG with Tediore upgrade) in Cryo. Might be anointed (used for FFYL pretty often^^)

If interested, I’m looking for Elemental Projector with (if possible) AS CDR and/or Rad or Incendiary dmg up :slight_smile:

Yeah specifically the Everblast ++ with MIRV attachment. :slight_smile:

m’kay !
I’ll keep an eye if I come across something like that :wink: I’m pretty sure I had several of these, but sold cause lacking place in bank before the Holy Bank Upgrade !

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Lol why is literally everyone using these damn everblast shotties atm? Did i miss somethin where people got together and said lets all use the same gun…

Probably because when set up right they can one hit enemies on mayhem 4