LF | Tediore Shotguns Corr/Fire w/ mirv-homing

Looking for the Unlimited Everblast++ in corrosive and fire elements. The Child projectiles on the barrel, homing module and adds more child projectiles on the grip kind.

Let me know what you want for em!

PSN - Syngenik

Interested in any of these?

Fire and corrosive! What would you like for them?

Do you have any x6 Dictator’s (fire or corrosive) with +125 damage on ASE? Rakk +100 will work too.

PSN: soulcydes

I do not have any x6 dictators. I have ase 100 dmg in all elements with cutsmans, ase 100 maggie, ase 100 brainstormer x14, redistributors ase 100, tons of amara stuff annointed gear as well. Is there anything else weapon, com, artifact or shield/grenades?

No worries! I’ll send you a friend request and mail them shortly!

Thanks alot soul, greatly appreciated. If there is anything you need in the future let me know! Ig I get a x6 corr dictator with your annointment I’ll send them your way

Actually, I wouldn’t mind those Redistributor ASE 100’s. Thanks!