LF: Terror ammo regen Transformer, Ice Breaker Otto Idol. H: Cryo Brainstormers, Anointed Cutsmans, Rakk Attack Maggie and more

Looking for:

  • Transformer with Terror ammo regen
  • Ice Breaker Otto Idol (any)

Would also trade multiple items for a Cloning Maddening Tracker with bonus fire rate/damage while Terrified


  • Corrosive Cutsman: one with 125% extra damage vs Badasses on ASE, one with 250% bonus damage after Phasecast
  • Brainstormer: one Redundant with next two mags deal bonus cryo damage, one with bonus cryo damage while terrified
  • Spooling Projectile Recursion with 50% bonus damage against enemies below 25% health
  • Maggie with 100% bonus damage against enemies hit by Rakk Attack
  • Facepuncher with melee attacks have a chance to apply terror
  • Stop Gap with Terror ammo regen
  • Mediocre/bad Driver and R4kk P4kk class mods


GT is buffel saft, I’m in New Zealand so timezones might make in game trades awkward.

ill trade for the r4kk p4k class mod and the maggie with 100% damage to r4ks, and corrosive cutsman ase badasses

I have transformer with terror ammo regen

Sounds good, what’s your GT? Want to trade in game or through the mail?