Lf terror anoint on shields

The following shields; Transformer, Recharger, Stopgap, Old God, Plus Ultra

With any of the following anoints; Apply Terror, Ammo Regen

Not sure if the last two shields are capable on dropping with Terror anoints. Let me know if it can’t. Willing to trade if needed, I do have some stuff.

The ammo regen can spawn on all of those shields

Nift, then I take it as all those shields can drop with Apply Terror as well?


Think I have a extra transformer with apply terror by the way

Cool, anything you are looking for?

x14 Face Puncher 100 sntnl cryo, Elemental Projector Victory Rush with mag and pistol or weapon crit DMG

Positive I have non of that, I’ll see if I can find.

Ok I’ll think of other stuff but those are the 2 things I am looking at right now, when I get back inside I’ll send you that shield

I sent that for you just if you can look out for either of those for me

Much appreciate it. Will let you know if I find.