LF Terror Anointed Companion, Brainstormers, Kings Call, Some Terror Guns [H] Long List

The Companion - Increased Crit on Terror
Redundant Brainstormer - ASE x2 Cryo Mags, Increased Crit dmg on Terror, +50% Cryo Dmg on Terror, Extra Projectile on Terror
Shock Kings Call - Crit dmg on Terror, ASE Crit dmg +25%, ASE 100% dmg
Packin’ Devastator (not DP) - ASE 100% dmg, Extra Projectile on Terror, Increased dmg and Fire Rate on Terror, ASE x2 Incendiary mags

If you don’t have something on my want list and see something you like, make a fair offer :slight_smile:


Could You post a better picture of Your deathless and Faisors? Can’t see shiat in those 640x320…

Can’t you click on the image?
What would you like for the 2nd phazerker?

Like I said, it takes me to Imgur and there is something like this:

Can You read it?

I would like to see all Your deathless and Faisors if that’s not a problem. But with better quality image :slight_smile:

Not sure how to change it… it says it’s 1920 x 1080

But You see the quality on my picture, how it looks for me :smiley:

yea i see it :confused:

Can You take screenshot/photo of them if You have better qualitty?
Just deathless and Faisors :slight_smile:


Any better?

Yes, a lot better :smiley: Can I take 2 items for that phasezerker? Or You want 2 of them? I can go with that :slight_smile:

Sure 2 for 2. What are you looking at?

Fire Faisor and Rad Faisor :slight_smile:
My Epic tag: Angel_of_Lives
I will be back from work in ~2hrs. Will send those 2 phasezerker then in mail.

I’ll add you…
Now do i need to do all of the images again or can you see them?

That first Phasezerker is very nice !

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All the ones You posted in first posts still are 640x320. Can’t really read it :frowning:

TY. I’ll do it again xD

:smiley: Alright, I will be back after work.
Will accept Your friend request and send those COM’s.

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After letting him know, I put that second Phasezerker up for trade.

Images properly load slow sometimes. Don’t get it