LF Terror Anointed Dictators and Lyudas

Looking for:

• Dictator x6 (Fire, Shock and Corrosive) - Bonus Cryo while Terrified or Bonus Reload Speed and Damage on Kill

• Lyuda (Fire, Corrosive and Cryo) - Bonus Crit (Fire) and Bonus Cryo while Terrified (Corrosive and Cryo)

Let me know what you would like in exchange and I’ll see if I have it.

I don’t have much for Amara or Zane when it comes to anointments and class mods. Or much from the DLC (just started back playing)

Does that stop gap lvl 1 have ammo regen on it?

No it doesn’t






I remember it because I wish it were and Otto idol or Victory Rush.

Well I have it. Do you have any 40% damage while sliding shotguns?

Anything new in Gamma Burst?

Any great Blast Masters?

Ah, unfortunately no I don’t have any shotguns with that anointment.

I have a decent amount of gamma burst guns (Maggie, Devils Foursum, Pestilence, Dictator, Kyb’s Worth and some others ) but none from the DLC.

And a few blast master class mods but wouldn’t call them great.

Devils Foursome sounds good. I’ll be on later today.

PSN jorgeammo

Ok cool. I’ll send you a request.





What are you looking for?

Do you have any FL4K weapons?

I have a bunch of terror anointed weapons too. Anything else you are looking for besides what was listed at the top?