LF Terror Anointed Dictators and Lyudas

Yeah I have a good amount of stuff for Fl4k. Anything in particular?

But I’m mostly just looking for what I have listed.

Um. Idk what I need. I’m trying rakk attack build now but have quite a bit of weapons for that. Might go back to crit build. Anything for a crit build?

I have a lot of stuff particularly for rakk attack.

Are there particular anointments or guns you’re looking for? Because you can use most of the same guns from a rakk attack build on a crit one. Just different anointments.

Do you have anything with the increased accuracy and handling with fade away active?

Or any of the dlc weapons with the FL4K anointments

Or zheitsev’s or juju?

No, I don’t have any of those.

i mailed it…idk what i might need. so here you go

Thanks! I really appreciate that. If there’s any rakk attack things you think you’d need, just lmk. And I’ll keep an eye out for fade away anointed stuff as well.

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