LF Terror Anointed Gear

Looking to play around with some Terror anointments. Some specific items I’m looking for:

Shields with Terror Apply or Increase Damage, or Heal: Front Loader, Stop Gap, Recharger, BBB.

Grenades with Terror Apply or Increase Damage or Heal: Recurring Hex’s, Maddening Tracker, Homing Mirv, Ghast Call.

Weapons with terror apply, heal, increase damage, regen ammo: Ogre, Tri-Y, Faisors, Night Hawkins, Flakker, Ripper, Giants, Crossroads, Shredifier, Fear Mongers, any splash weapons, butchers.

I have just about anything you’d want for Moze, some high end Amara, Flak and Zane gear too.

Got some items today, what I’m really after at this point is a shield with damage increase on terror. Any shield is fine, recharger or stop-gap even better.

I have reccuring cryo hex with more terror more dmg and fire rate, also a transformer that applies terror to you, lmk if interested, will definitely trade for that 160% shock mirv homing ever blast that you have :sob:

I have the transformer, but I’ll take the grenade. N8d0ggz is my PSN. I’ll be on this evening.

Sounds good, Ill send it over in a few hours as im currently working and off soon, you arent obligated, but if u have a spare driver mod with smg dmg aswell that you wouldnt mind throwing along with it id be grateful for your generosity! Thank you again!

Bump, still looking for a shield that has increased damage on terror.

I’m not sure there is such a shield; theres a “takes reduced damage”, “regen health”, “chance to reflect” etc; believe damage is exclusive to weapons + grenade, cryo and crit are exclusive to weapons. (Based on memory and a few trade lists i have bookmarked)

:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: now my dreams are shattered! I was really hoping this was not the case. My goal was to use the Facepuncher to apply terror, the shield to boost weapon damage, and a grenade to give 25% dmg on throw. I’ve been salivating at the thought of how amazing this would shred. I guess I’ll have to settle on finding the right guns with the terror/damage anointment.

On a side note, I was surprised at how well the ammo regen on terror anoint works at keeping a x3 Kybs afloat. To the point where as long as you have 2pts (1 from mod) in redistribution and 3pt in MoD, you don’t need 40% mag perk or The Iron Bank. Allows you to put points elsewhere.