LF terror damage anointed Facepuncher x14 and Cryo Hunter-Seeker with melee apply terror

Looking for the ‘whilst terrified increased damage and fire rate’ anointed facepuncher in x14, plus cryo Hunter-Seeker (Recurring? Mitosis?) with ‘melee has 25% chance to apply terror’ anointment.

I have the ‘whilst terrifies bonus crit damage’ on both x7 and x14 facepunchers.

Also looking for a cryo Anarchy, x20, Homing urad.

Would like to get a 432% crit damage Unforgiven with the terror crit anointment.

Have cryo Recurring Hex with melee 25% apply terror

Have a few fearmongers in the bank and a few odds and ends shield wise (faulty star, stop gap) with terror anoints. May have what you need. Have some killer melee coms for FL4K & Amara

Play mostly melee so don’t have a large selection of regular guns.

Bumpity bump

I have a x7 with the terror DMG anoint

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What would you want for it?

Do you have a transformer with the ammo regen terror anoint?

Sadly, no. I am using FH, low level ward, stinger or faulty star on my melee builds, all with regular anoints. I do have a faulty star with terror health regen, a rad and a normal stop gap with terror ammo regen, Faulty star with sntnl terror lifesteal. BBB with terror pet fire damage, BBB with terror health regen, normal stop gap with sntnl terror lifesteal, BBB with melee apply terror, RR with sntnl terror lifesteal.

Got a few FMs. a rad x8 with terror damage, shock x8 terror damage, corrosive x8 attack pet fire damage,.

If any of those are any good. Apart from that it’s just odds and ends as I usually play facepuncher melee so don’t actively farm regular guns. I just pick stuff up if it looks goodish.

I have killer melee coms for Amara and FL4K.

If you play gun zane I have this com:


I’ll take that com for it

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My psn is R4y2a1n

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FR sent from my mule account :slight_smile:

Nice trade. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep for sure my brother will appreciate the com

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Just trying out that FP at MT. It is a beast!

I have a transformer terror ammo regen if you want. Any moze com with pistol/jakobs/crit damage?

I’ll take a look when I get home, pretty sure I have some

PSN is going crazy at the moment so if you can, just add me. I’ll send you the transformer :wink:

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Just got back home I’ll add you in a moment after I am done eating

So psn updating rq my psn is R4y2a1n so you know who I am when I add you

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So yeah I just went and read the status of psn and been trying to add you but it gets stuck searching for your name, I’ll keep trying to get you added


I had this issue earlier today

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Yeah according to their own website certain online features aren’t working properly while my isp is giving me a amazing connection right now can’t even get my game updated to actually play it