LF terror items and brainstormer. Plenty to trade

LF: Transformer with ammo regen while terrified

Red suit with ammo regen

Guns with extra projectile

Cash infused brainstormer with extra 50% cryo/fire/corrosive next two mags

H: Vindicator, most hexes, transformer with apply terror on ASE, EPVR among other guns.


I have cash infused Brain Stormer… not anointed but it rips… LF Corodo Queens Call preferred with no damage nerf.

Hey. Thx. I have a cash infused already.

Have transformer with apply terror
Have some extra projectile weapons as well.

Am looking for brainstormer, not cash infused.
Butchers, not rad.
Cutsman, any element
[All weapons with ase +bonus dmg]
Knife drain deathless
Ice breaker otto idol
[Shotgun dmg, hyperion dmg, hyperion crit, hp regen]

What extra projectile? I have most of what you’re looking for

Gratifying Breeder
Disciplined Ripper
Redundant Face-Puncher
Subsidized Powerhouse Fearmonger [Inc]
Burning Flakker [Inc]
Engulfing Glorious Strack[Epic Vladof Rocket Launcher]

Have transformer and maybe brainstormer with corr

I have one… looking for Brawler Ward. Beastmaster anointed.

Which one? I’m looking for radiation infinity pistol with extra projectile now. Got the other stuff.

Cash Infused BS but no anointment and a Red Suit. Looking for Brawler Ward. Do you want anything else?

Moon fire with extra projectile, king/queens call extra projectile, band of sitorak with +50% fire, corrosive, radiation.

Have alot of that stuff. Looking for Zane annointed Scourges, Zane executor class mod with mag size, re-router shields, 1% lyuda or terror crit, and terror apply shields/grenades.