LF The Boo SMG lv 50

Anyone have a Boo from multiple play through they can part with?

I am one of those poor suckers who lost everything in my bank, replaced most of it, but not the Boo

Also need any recurring Hex, preferably cyro

If so, please message me in game

Xbox - xCaliburxxx

Come on guys, so many of you doing play troughs, someone has to have a lv 50 Boo

Sent you a Boo

You rock

Hey, thx for the items man. You really rock. Replacing my bank i lost. I was farming and found an anointed Hellwalker, real niceā€¦i put it up for trade, but i owe you, yours if you need it.

Also, i just remembered i cannot find my pipebomb, it miust have been in the bank when i lost everything.

You got any extra pipebombs for trade?