LF The Carrier gun Anointed

Hello ,

I am looking for good Carrier for trade .

Mostly with 50% ele dmg ASE

I have a lot for trade let me know!

Thanks !!

anyone got this gun?

I am still looking for that gun can’t seems to drop at all

I only got one with 100 damage on ASE. Can trade if you are interested

I have some for Zane a gamma burst one and a 5% on kill one. Lmk if you want any of those.

Yes I really need the Zane and Fl4k one if you can !

Thanks buddy

I have sntnl and rakk attack one if u want

Yes , add me on psn.


Do you have any Bloodletter mods with +3 in desperate measures and +2 in thin red line?

Or any good Snowdrift/Last stand/Cutpurse deathless artifact with mag size and some form of dmg

I have this

Well. This is what i have. Are you intrested

Yes I will have some use for it

Im online right now i can add you

Ill add u tommorrow

add me and mail it to me I will mail what you want when I log