LF The Companion/The Duc

Generally looking for anointed. Can pay or trade

I have 2 annointed ducs and 1 companion. What can you offer through trade? Zane stuff preferred.

welp, i dont typically pick up Zane parts since i know nothing about his builds so i wont be much help there unfortunately…anything else youre interested in?

just saw your other post, i may be able to help you out with those cutsman/crossroads. ill be home in about 3 hours so i can let you know what element/anointments i have

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Also looking for cutsman any wishlist?

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Have several cutsman any kind in particular

looking for good rolled class mods for siren/fl4k

If anyone has a ghast call, or the fear monger I’m willing to trade. I have a shock and a corrosive cutsman