LF the Duc with gamma burst anoint

LF The Duc with gamma burst anoint. I Have A good selection to trade.

If I’m not mistaken, I have one. I will check and anything I send you. by chance I wouldn’t have a transformer with STNL + 15%
movement speed

I think I do, I will check for you in a bit

right, returning home I already confirm if I have the duc.

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Thank ya bud, if I don’t have the transformer are you interested in anything else

For now, I’m looking for just the transformer. but no problem, enjoy the gun. You are a nice person.

I just looked bud and I dont have it. I could have sworn I did. You have a bekah with sntl cryo? I could send you one of those instead. Or any redistributers with sntl anoint if you are in need

I accept a Cryo redistributor.

I have all the elements with sntl

I have, but an anointing is bad.

You looking for the sntl active do cryo anoint?

Just sent a fire and a cryo version your way bud.

Thank you.

Your welcome buddy, thank you for the Duc and sorry I didn’t have the shield you were looking for

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