LF the following

Chasing the following items
Last stand otto idol
Recursion ASE life steal
Bounty hunter or comsmic stalker good/god rolls
Redistributor anoit stnl
Recursion ASE 100% dam
Spiritual Driver Class mod (preferably +3 mindfulness)
Elemental projector victory rush or otto idol
Blood letter with no thin red line skill addition
Kyb’s worth with ASE 125% splash
Cloning maddening tracker

Have a bit I can trade
Would appreciate any help trying to refine my VH’s :slight_smile:

I have a few of those items do you have any good life steal weapons

I don’t really think so sorry. I’ll have a look but

Nah sorry. I only have a hellwalker. I believe the others are gone

Do you have rainbow redistributor Rakk attack or cutsman fire and corrosive with Rakk attack

With extra charge or increased dam?
I believe I might have a cutsmen

Increased dmg

I’ve got
Cryo Everblast 100% Rak dam
Arctic night hawkin 100% rak damn
Shcok ctusmen 100% rak dam
Shocl DP laser sploder 100% rak dam
Kill o the wisp 100% rak dam
Then have the following doing 100% dam ASE
lucky 7, Boomer, faisor, bearcat, Try-bolt, ION CANNON, Lyuda, lucians call, crossroads
Have a couple of weapons doing 125% to badass and named enemies too

Just got a dictator x3 with life steal too