LF The Lob shotgun anointed

I have a good Weeding invitation with 100% cryo for Zane

Looking for The Lob for my Zane with 100% cryo STNL

Thanks alot !!

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Anyone got one for trade? Thanks

What’s your psn? I’m looking myself and will send when I find. I’m pretty sure we’re already friends.

Hey caleb! We are friend I am JBenQc.

I Will send you one if I find one

Anyone found one? Still farming and did not find a cryo one for Zane :frowning:

Do u have any elemental ase ones like 2 mags of shock or whatever for example

Do u have any with ase 2mags of whatever element?

Not yet they cant seems to drop for me atm :frowning:

Do you have a x2 sntl cryo alchemist, any Zaney relics, mods with weapon dam and splash dam?

Maybe but lvl50

Zane infinities sntl cryo anything Zane sntl cryo anointed?

I have a corrosive lob with sntl cryo dmg. Does 3 shot burst

I have a fire Lob Sntnl at L53 and a corrosive Sntnl at L52 I can send them to you later caleb if you want.

About to send bud

I have a radiation lob with sntnl. Add me. My psn is the same as my name here

I just sent them all to him lol

Ty though he’s my bud

No problem. Community has to stick together especially when these anointments are a pain to come by

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Do you need anything?

A few things. But if feels wrong to ask for something without giving something. I need a helix with 100% cryo a night hawkin and every lob element besides the radiation one lol. I was also looking for a seein dead mod with +3 on Donny Brook and wep dmg smg dmg and action skill cool down. How about you. Do you need anything?