LF: The Redistributor all elements ASE 100 weapon damage. Pics of trade below. TRADE OVER

what is your psn and are you online right now?

You still have friend bot and venator bounty hunter?

MrMan4Twenty I’m on now but I’m not a plus member I can only send in mail

Yes MrMan4Twenty if you want to trade will have to be by mail not a plus member lol

Ok I’ll add you

I sent you a friend request FallenDark200

here is all i have, i hink i have the all 100% ase on all elements.
I want:
Ventor Bounty hunter
Teething St4ckbot / teethig culpine st4ckbot
the shield
last stand otto idot with aoe, mag size and shotgun dmg

PSN diabolick90

There’s the set, enjoy