Lf these big upgrades... Edit: Now just want Pangolin One Shottin'

In light of the level cap increase coming much earlier than expected, most of the stuff I listed can wait. The only exception is the shield because it’s level barely matters at all.

One Shottin (must be Pangolin) - Annointment doesn’t matter but would prefer AS Cooldown if possible.

Also, I’m definitely going to want a Lv57 Breath of the Dying with SNTL cryo annoitment ASAP once the cap increase happens to help me farm the current Takedown event before April 2nd.

Not sure what people would want but I’ll list a few possibilitys:

Wedding Invitation - SNTL bonus Cryo, next 2 magazines Cryo
Vindicator Ghast Call (Lv50)

Why these exact rolls if I may ask? I have almost all of it just curious.

After deciding on what gear I wanted, I scoured through forums and videos for item cards to determine what effects pre-fixes had on the stats (with consistent results when pre-fix and level are the same) As for more specific reasons…

Via my item card research, I found that the Pangolin variant has somewhere around 30% less capacity and nearly double recharge rate compared to Anshin variant at same level. (both of which are good things for an amp shield. Especially recharge rate)

I chose the the AS cooldown annointment over the Bonus elemental ASEs because I felt that getting SNTL back out faster would have a greater impact on overall DPS. Also, the rest are useless for my play-style and/or build.

I actually managed to get an Anshin variant since original post but getting a Pangolin one would still be the biggest upgrade on the list. (even without annointment)

Of the three skills, Donnybrook is the only one that I really want more than 5/5 in. For bonus roll, Weapon Damage for DPS since I’m using 4 different weapon types and Shield Recharge Rate to benefit the amp shield.

Got one with sub-par bonus rolls since original post so this is now lower priority than it was.

Have this element/annointment combo but with the worst pre-fix while Executive is the best based on my item card research. Arguably the smallest upgrade on the list but also the gun I use for 90% of mobbing, so definitely worth the effort of trying to get better roll.

During the month of playing my build, I noticed that Drone Delivery procs far more often than either of my action skills end.

Actually had this but accidentally lost it while dropping unwanted legendaries for a rando that joined my game. Before that however, it was absolutely amazing against armored bosses/badasses. Though without the SNTL annointment it is only half as effective.

+4 is the highest donny you can get, I got one and an it’s piss OGT as well, add me PSN: JayBowdy

I got a +5 with sub-par bonus effects since original post, but could still use that grenade.