LF thunderous Nimbus class and any rowans call

Have a bunch of stuff to trader

Sorry don’t have either of those but will keep an eye out !

I’ve got a Thunderous Tangled Nimbus. Do you have a bloodletter with +2 to thin red line?

Got multiple Rowans, i know guaranteed i have shock, cant remember the other ones its either Radiation or Corro i believe

If you got any hex grenades, (Radi prefered) i’d trade ya

I have a couple Rowans? Got any Siren mods besides Nimbus?

Yeah I have a rope-a-dope breaker

And a blended carpet bombing elementalist

And a primeval meditative phazezerker. Sorry just got all these now haha

I’ve got a few Rowans, do you have any rad/cryo hex grenades or any legendary phasezerker mods?

I think I have both a rad and shock Rowans. Want both for those two?

Andrew my psn is iMidNiteMurder. Send me a message. That sounds good