LF top tier melee gear

Hey guys I’m looking for a melee anointed buttplug and a level one slam melee brawler ward. I have the slam and 100 ase redundant facepunchers a level 50 melee anointed brawler ward and a level 1 bonus rad brawler ward and a great breaker mod amongst lots of other good gear for every character! Let me know what you have and what you’re looking for and thank you!


Just a heads up bud, I don’t think the buttplug can be anointed.

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How do you even get level 1 legendaries like the stop-gap

Got the Brawler Ward but sadly it’s level 50 D: should I still send it to you ?

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Sure that would be great :slight_smile:

I have a rad brawler ward 100% melee?

Do you have a rakk pak?

As a melee player, I could have some good Relic for you…

feel free to invite me ^^

Psn Adrion54

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I do have a good rakk pack but I already have a similar brawler ward. Feel free to add me though, same name, and I’ll get you that rakk pack.

It wouldn’t let me send a friend request. If you could send me one, same name, I’d appreciate it!

Also have a 300% Phaseslam redundant face funcher.

I’m just looking for Infinity pistols to finish out sets for 300 Slam, 250 cast, SNTNL cryo, and gamma burst.

If you don’t have any I’ll mail the items to you anyways.

PSN jorgeammo

Done ! :wink: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Let me know what kind of Relic you’re looking for, and I’ll check my bank storage asap :wink:

Find it… dont pick it up. Quit. Have a friend invite you to “their game”, “their sanctuary.” When you select your character, just select new character. Go to lost loot bin. It should drop :slight_smile: No friends? Grab that extra controller and create a new PSN profile. Level that character to 6 or seven until you unlock sanctuary. Now that character (your new mule) can invite your “main” to their sanctuary… make sure you select “new character” to load as level 1 character. Lost loot bin. Rinse/repeat. This method also doubles your chances of finding good loot if you play as both profiles split screen.

Vault on!!