LF Tracker Grenade

I’m looking for a very specific Tracker grenade. The one shown in the image, to be exact.

However, I’m looking for a corrosive ASE variant or an OGT (On Grenade Thrown) one.

Also looking for an annointed legendary Redistributor. Annointed preferred, maybe Rakk Attack for Fl4k or Digi-clone/SNTNL for Zane.

I have a good collection of stuff, so maybe we can make a trade.

I have several redistributors

What kind? And what are you looking for in return?

I have fire shock corrosive and radiation all with 100% damage on ASE and cryo with 125% to bosses and badasses and I am LF kybs worth rad/cryo with 100% on ASE or shock and fire kings calls without the negative damage

Oof, all I have is a cryo Queen’s Call with no negative damage.

I already have cryo radiation and corrosive need the other two :frowning:

Not exactly what your after I’m yet to see one with an element fortunately but if your interested im only looking for specific rolled items;
Last stand Otto idol with mag size increase and smg damage
Blast master with 1 point in redistribution, and weapon damage, smg damage and either splash damage or mag size increase
Corrosive Kyb’s worth with mag size of 44 anointed 100% damage on ase or 125% splash damage on ase

I’ve got 3 variants of redistributor with 100% ase. I can check what elements qhem I get home tomorrow if you’re interested

Sadly I cannot provide any of that at the moment. Shame, such a good Tracker, too.

Closest I have is this.

Alright, let me know.

Also looking for a quickie (aren’t we all :rofl:) anointed with do not consume ammo after exiting iron bear for 5 seconds?

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Hmm, a quickie where you don’t waste your load after pulling out of Iron Bear.

lol…nah I don’t have that either.

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