Lf trade, here's my list

Here’s what I’ve got in store atm.

-Devils Foursum normal & rad both 125% splash EoA
-Schock/Rad Kyb’s Worth x 3 Phaseslam 300%
-Kryo Lucian’s Call 100% Kryo SNTNL
-BotD 100% Kryo SNTNL
-(lots of other SNTNL gear)
-DP Juliet’s Dazzle (normal) Fade acc increase
-DP Juliet’s Dazzle (kryo) Phaseslam 300
-Quickdraw Bekah + Barrier
-Rowan’s Call all 3 Elements with 100% kryo SNTNL
-Super Shredifiers + x2 + 100% kryo
-Transformers in all variants
-Many grenades and tons of artifacts.

What I’m looking for

-Dictators x6 in all Elements with 100%kryoSNTNL
-DP Juliet’s Dazzle with 100%kryoSNTNL

My Psn is Tank_Tsunami

Thx for your time. Cu in the Borderlands.

have a lvl 53 Bekah with 100%kryoSNTNL, trade against your Redundant Brainstormer 100% dmg EoA. Add me on psn: phlekz