LF Transformer Annointed 50% corro or shock


I’m looking for Transformer Annointed 50% ASE corro or shock
Let me know what you need i’ll be happy to trade

You can add me PSN

100% melee on ase?

Or 50% bonus elemental dmg on ase?

Yes 50% dmg works :slight_smile:

i have some

i can trade it with one of those :

cryo lucian 50% fire ase
shock rowan 50% shock ase
cryo hex 50% fire ase
storm front 50% shock ase

also looking for ice breaker otto idol

I have none of them :confused:

Do you have a Recurring or MIRV-Tacular Shock Hex with 50% Fire ASE?

Hum I dont sorry

do u have facepuncher with 300%damage after phaseslam?