Lf transformer annointed on ase (preferably corrosive) and mirvtac/recurring hex with on ase annointed

Can’t really describe my inventory other than a whole lot of everything annointed and very good class mods and artifacts. Just let me know what you want. My ign is bls4game. Happy ny!

I have them all in different elements w/ASE

Looking for Redestributors Corrosive/Shock/FIre/cryo with SNTNL annointment

Them all as in both transformer and hex ase annointed? I’d take a corrosive/fire transformer and preferably the hex in cryo and the ase idk. fAnd is that all you are looking for? Don’t got that, just a regular distributor they hardly drop for me :frowning:

have a shock mirv hex with ase rad
take a look at my list if you have anything i want (post in this forum)

by mirv you mean mirvtacular? cuz if its just mirv i have mirvs i just want one that spawns 6 =[