LF Transformer AS CD lvl 60

I am looking for a transformer shield with 20% action skill cooldown. However, I am always open to other offers. Also, a transformer shield with ASE 50% shock would be nice. Thanks GT = Tom dot66
Below is some of the gear I have to trade.

All level 60 M10
Moon fire shock next to magazines 100% incendiary
Moon fire kinetic next to magazines 100% cryo
Redistributor radiation next 100% incendiary
Redistributor radiation action skill start nova 25 K
Lob shock under 50% health 150 % radiation damage
Light show radiation 50% health 150 % radiation damage
Stop gap shield action skills start trigger effect
Transformer exit iron bear increase shield and HP by 75%
Transformer ASE 50% corrosive
Storm front ASE 50% shock
Mitosis Hunter seeker ASE 50% incendiary

Hey, good to see you again,

I have Transformer with ASE +50 rad
Also have a Stop Gap with ASE +50 corrosive
Also have Light Show CH in shock and rad

I would like the Stop Gap action skills start and the Mitosis Hunter +50 incendiary

GT is conch8

Hey man I got that transformer with 20% cooldown lvl60 u still interested ?

Sure am, what do you want?

Conch8, nice seeing you again. Send me the transfomer and the lightshow. I will send out the gear later tonight. thx Tom dot66

The redustributor rad next 100 incendiary sounds nice. :slight_smile: any chance you got a good pearl relic ?

Thanks. I do not have the straight DPS combos some people seem to like. I have Mag size + Health, Health + Reload, and Fire Rate+ Regen. Let me know what gear you want and your GT. Thanks for trading. :slight_smile:

Fire rate + regen I would like And if possible the redustributor anything else I can offer you? my gamertag: mrbs87 .

Sent a little extra hoping to get you to add that Distributor to my trade. Cheers, buddy.
{I have extra Pearls if you need one for a trade}

Sure no problem. I always love good class mods. Pick a favorite with weapon damage (any character) and send it over. Thanks Tom

I’ll look what I got , don’t have many lvl 60 class mods tho :grimacing::see_no_evil: got a lot of lvl 50 but I’ll see what I can do :+1:

Adding the distributor is no problem. I would like to have the option of a double DPS stat pearl. If you have one, please do send that over. In addition, I will send the light show Rad 50/150 unless you want something else. I chose the light show Rad 50/150 because this gun melts enemies faster than most of the guns I have and its useful against flying enemies, big enemies, fast darting little enemies, etc. Thx

It does not have to be level 60. Raging Bears, Spiritual Drviers, and R4KK P4ks are hard to come by a good one. The higher the level the better but a good class mod with good skills and stats is useful at all levels. thanks

Pearl is 50 mag size and fire rate

I wikll look and see what raging bear, etc I have

Wow. that would be great. Thanks Tom

I am playing Phazezerkers and Moze’s MasterBlaster and Mind Sweepers, have not used a Bear Trooper in awhile.

No problem, thanks for looking. When I have a chance to play again and get some more stuff, I look forward to our next trade. I will send over the Stop Gap action skills start, the Mitosis Hunter +50 incendiary, the redistributor rad next 100 incendiary, and the light show Rad 50/150. Let me know if I am missing any gear. Happy gaming until our next trade. Thx Tom

My last super Raging Bear was a level 50, Weapon Damage, Assault Damage and Grenade damage, sure I could pull that one out of storage if you wanted it.

That sounds familiar, we may have already traded with that one. But I will also check. thanks. Tom

Found a R4KK P4K mod with, lev 57 with 21% crit, 31% splash and 35% assalt, not too bad, will send that over.
found another decent one, will send whatever I dig up