LF Transformer/Big Boom Blaster (terror applying anoint.) and cloning/vindicator Ghast Call

I have some random stuff to trade,so let me know what you’re looking for. I am desperate.

I have the Cloning and Vindicator Ghast Call, looking for a Cutpurse Deathless artifact, an Earworm gun or an anointed Nighthawking for a Gunner

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I have an Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin this anointed gunner, create Cryo nova while reloading.

Unfortunately I need my cutpurse deathless. Its the only one I’ve found and I need it for my tediore Moze but if I find another I’ll let you know

Let me know if you want to trade for the Night Hawkin, the Cryo nova on reload is a terror anointment just FYI

Sounds good to me.

Gamertag b4d wo1f

My GT is: SlimeGod YT

Let me know what yours is and I’ll send you the night hawkin

Gt: b4d w01f
I wint be on till later tonight

sent. sounds good, thanks


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