LF transformer bonus radiation or cryo on ase

Got this item thanks

Also would take one with fire or either action skill cooldown

I have Transformers with 50% cryo dmg and 20% AS cooldown rate. Looking for anointed weapons from dlc or a Bloodletter with both health regen and no Thin Red Line. Would trade multiple items for that mod.

I have alot of dlc weapons what u looking for?

Do you have the Lucky 7, ION Laser or Craps with 100%/125% wpn dmg ASE? Also looking for good rolls of the Seein’ Dead mod.

Have Ion cannon with 125% splash

Also a lucky seven with the kill increases damage by 5% and reload by 25% for 25 seconds

What about Slow Hand, Cheap Tips or Scoville?

I have them just not annointed

U dont want the ion with 125%?

I have the ion cannon. Was looking for the ion laser.

Oh my bad :slight_smile: :grin: misread it

I’ll PM you. What’s your PSN? Will give it to you anyway.