LF Transformer / Hex grenade with apply terror / ammo regen stuff

Hello !

I farmed for weeks to get those and didn’t find them . If anyone can help me it will be awesome!

I really need

  • Ammo regen / terror skill end stuff like :

  • Transformer Shield with ammo regen or skill end apply terror

  • Redundant Face-puncher with melee apply terror

  • Hex or good grenade with skill end apply terror

Thanks alot guys! :wink:
Tell me what you need in return I will do my best

I have this and more

  • Corrosive stuffed shredded Lump ( 6653x2 dmg )
  • Fire Cutsman ( 100% dmg on skill end )
  • Cryo Lucian’s Call ( 25% chance apply terror )
  • Cryo Reccuring HEX ( +1 grenade skill end )
  • Artifact Loaded Dice ( Double chance 12.67% )
  • Artifact Elemental projector Deathless ( Boost ele 90% with 100% Shield capacity )
  • Artifact Deathless ( 100% Shield capacity with ammo regen 8% on hit )

My PSN is jotheking

Bump! really need terror ammo regen stuff for the build I am making

I have a MIRV Hex, melee attacks have 25% chance to apply terror.

Looking for a cutpurse deathless or low level stop gap

I have a Rad Recurring Hex with apply terror anointment and possibly a transformer shield. I won’t be on until later on tonight.

I’m looking for any of the new class mods and an annointed Kyb’s Worth.

A transformer with the new anointment for elemental damage bonus to weapons in corrosive

Shock or rad recurring hex with any of the new anointments.

Jacobs or Vladof weapons anointed with Fadeaway handling and accuracy greatly increased.