LF transformer shield anointed level 53

Looking for a transformer shield anointed level 53. The anointments can be any ASE elemental, SNTNL cyro, or 20% cool down. This is what I have to trade:
(all level 53) Maggie 125% damage vs bosses, Night hawking ASE 50 corrosive, cloning hunter seeker ASE 50% radiation, Cutsman corrosive ASE 125 % splash dam, Cutsman fire 5% weapon damage, Infinity cryo ASE 75% radiation, Shocking AAA 100% damage Rakk Attack, Shreddifier x2 shock, Maggie phase cast 250% damage, Baby maker cryo phase slam 300% damage, Double penetrating Roisen Thorns x2 160% splash damage, Firestorm ASE 50% shock, Moxxi pair ASE 50% radiation, sleeping giant SMG with 130% weapon damage with clone swap, Lucian’s call cryo with kill enemy 5% damages increase that stacks, etc. Thanks GT = Tom dot 66

I have a transformer 50% shock

Great what items would you like?

I’d def take the Maggie and/or cutsman

I have cryo, shock, rad and STNL movement speed for the transformers.

If interested, i’d dig the cloning hunter seeker +50% rad, firestorm +50% shock, and cutsman with 125% splash.

Will do. Your items will be sent when I can get back on-line (about 5-6 hours) What is your GT?

Hey sorry mine is bonus incendiary…not shock

All good, incendiary works.

Ok my gamertag is RaptureEvoX

Are you sending Maggie and cutsman? Or…also what is your gamertag and I’ll send now

Great, I will send you the Seeker, Fire storm and Cutsman. SNTL & Shock transformers would be great. What is your GT?

Both. GT = Tom dot66

I just sent it your way!

Sonuds good, do you want the cryo too? Mine is gvon88

Please, that would be very generous. Thanks Tom

you got it!

Anything here you want for the sntnl transformer?

I’d take the shock wedding invitation for it

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Done what’s GT? I’ll be home in about 4 hours to send


what’s yours? I’ll mail it in a bit.

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