LF transformer shield or grenade with terror annointed ammo regen

Looking for the transformer shield or grenade with terror annointed ammo regen. Willing to trade with my items. Thank you.

I was typing this to say i got you covered. Then realized your on the PS4, sorry, i am Xbox

Have the transformer do you have the facepuncher?

Hey. I do have the facepuncher.
Can i have your psn?
mine: electr1c_saturn

The apply terror face puncher?

My PSN is jorgeammo

Hi. Sorry, its a regular face puncher. No annointments.

I have a transformer with the terror ammo regen anoint

Great. PSN ID? Are you looking for anything in return?

GuyIncognito84 . I’m at work, but will be on in a bit

Nothing super specific. If you’ve jumped into the new DLC and came across anything interesting, I would be into it.

Epic Torgue Shotguns with anointments
Anointed Carbuncles
Random stuff like that would pique my interest

I have a transformer also was looking for an anointed Maggie

I’m away for now. Will be back online tomorrow.
Have maggies with different annointments - ase, rakk attack, sntl. Also a bunch of other annointed legendaries - driver mod, phasezerker, elemental projector, fl4k bot, recursions, brawler ward, cutpurse, cutsman, lyudas etc.

Will try to get the transformer from any of you guys, and i will still be open to trade for other things.

Also LF grenades that give terror on ASE, fallout band sitorak, mirv tactular hex with any elemental damage on ase

I didn’t get a chance to get on last night. Did you end up getting the shield off the other dude?

Yeah. Got the shield. I will still be open for trade if you have anything interesting. Ps message me anytime.

Hey. Do you still have that transformer? Happy to trade you for it… I don’t have much new - got a heartbreaker and a green monster. Got a few other things - nothing ‘god roll’. Got a x2 EMP-5 but not anointed… lemme know if I can find you anything!

I do. I’d be interested in a decently rolled Golden Rule, decently rolled whatever the new Zane com is called, or an incendiary torgue shotgun with a decent anointment (100% ase, 125% splash ASE, 50% Incendiary for next two mags, ect).

Not got those yet, but will keep an eye out.

the epic torgue shotty would be ideal. Need to complete my collection for a splash build, if you happen to come across one